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Best Plantar Fasciitis compression sleeves for heel and arch support

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis then check out these new and exciting compression foot sleeves that will support your ankle, heel and arch areas of your feet.

Designed to relief pain from:
Plantar fasciitis 
Heel Spurs
Swollen Ankles
Achilles Tendon
Stress fractures

These compression foot sleeves will improve blood circulation with graduated compression.

Promotes faster muscle repair  allowing more oxygen circulation to your muscles and tissue whilst reducing lactic acid build up.

Prevents muscle fatigue.

Swollen joints.

Comforts aching heel associated with plantar fasciitis.

Ideal protection when doing sport activities.

Who can wear compressionz foot sleeves?

- Runners
- Basketball
- Joggers
- CrossFit
- Athletes
- Field Sports
- Cross Training
- Gym Workouts
- Hiking/ Trekking
- Office workers
- Travelers on plane / long distance travel

Read customer testimonials 
Colour Name: BlackSize: Medium Verified Purchase
After only a couple of nights (only wear them at night) the swelling in my heels and ankles are completely gone and I can actually walk barefoot when getting up in the morning. This was virtually impossible before! I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for a very long time without even knowing what it was. Since being diagnosed by podiatrist and wearing special insoles it is a bit more bearable but I still have a long way to go. Neverthless the foot sleeves are very effective in just a short space of time. Obviously I have to wear them for a longer time to be able to fully evaluate them. But for now they are great

By bookworm on 17 Aug. 2015
Colour Name: BlackSize: Small Verified Purchase
These are fantastic. After weeks of hobbling around after overdoing the gardening these have brought complete relief from the pain. I am now thinking of getting a second pair. Would highly recommend them.
Read more here >

If you have tried ankle supports and braces before and had no relief then i recommend you read more about compressionz socks , customers have all commented on how their feet feel real relief and how it stops the sharp stabbing pain associated with plantar fasciitis and has amazing effects on swollen ankles and arch pain.

Read more reviews online at amazon uk

Foot Sleeves (1 Pair) CompressionZ - Best Plantar Fasciitis Compression For Men & Women - Heel Arch Support/ Ankle Sock

Friday, 10 July 2015

How to use chiropody felt, foot padding to stop foot pain

Chiropody felt is a necessity for every foot health professional and can solves a multitude of foot injuries and pain.  Chiropody felt is easily available now days with most chemists selling profit and schools range of semi compressed felt and fleecy webb felt.   

The smaller packs are only 3" by 4" and generally not very thick but they are great for taking away on holiday or to put in your had bag in case of an emergency.

Chiropody suppliers produce much bigger sheets 22cm x 40 cm and the quality of the felt is noticeable where you would pay £2.50 for a small sheet the larger sheets can start from £3 up so it is well worth doing some research and buying big.

The main Podiatry suppliers of Chiropody felt include Hapla, Podopro, Scholl, Pro foot,  and your options when buying chiropody felt are.

Chiropody felt options

Semi compressed adhesive mixture felt
(a mixture of 70% will and 30% viscose which is a good alternative to 100%wool and cheaper , use to stop pressure )

Hapla Soft 100% wool adhesive felt
(100% wool high quality felt for maximum support)

Fleecy web padding
(a flesh coloured soft fleecy finish felt ,cotton fabric thin but very versatile stops friction)

(woven 100% cotton like fleecy web thinner but not fluffy !100%  use to stop friction)

Hapla Nuprene
(thick foam material used for injuries and protection , ulcers , sores and cuts. Open cell polyurethane foam it is light and acts as a good cushion)

Chiropody felt Options 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Why Mueller Sports Ankle Support Is Simply the best brace for torn or damaged ankle ligaments

Four months ago i managed to fall over in a fantastic style and bend my ankle over to the extent of over stretching my ankle joint and pulling my ligaments to an inch of their life !.  My initial reaction was its ok i didnt hear a snap as i feared as i fell towards the pavement i was about to break my ankle but as i slowly dusted myself down and tried to gather the many bags i was carrying a heavy aching pain which took my breath away occured and after many internal complaints to myself i staggered off towards my car feeling stupid and in pain.

As i staggered i could feel my foot swelling and i thought i had better not take that trainer off in case i couldnt put it back on again like the time i flew to Brisbane and passed thru immigration with one adidas on and one off!!  On inspection later i had black bruising and my foot yes was swollen.  Hot and cold therapy treatments were applied and i rested my foot , well as much as i could which i guess was not enough as after 4 months i still am in discomfort and still suffer from aching and difficulties walking and exercising.

Anyway i apology for my ramblings but i wanted to put you in the picture of my sad state with my painful ankle which i wouldnt be so bad if i damaged it whilst climbing a mountain or playing tennis but a simple mis-judgement of the pavement i cannot believe has caused me so much hassle.

Well thank heavens for my life support !!! My best friend the  Mueller Ankle Brace stabilizer and support , we have been inseperable for several weeks now but i makes the day to day activities of life ! like walking and going to work possible.  I cannot not recommend this Mueller ankle brace stabilizer enough its very easy to put on and the relief is instant. 

How do you put on the Mueller Ankle brace Stabilizer

I pretty much wear my mueller ankle brace from 8am-8pm without any additional problems its very simple to put on , you place your heel in the heel space velcro the centre part of the support around your arch area of your foot and then pull together the main velcro section around your ankle then the two straps are pulled around each side of the ankle for maximum support .

How much is the Mueller Ankle Support?

Well i brought mine thru and it cost me £16.36 with free postage this was with one of their marketplace sellers and it came within 4 days so i was very happy, go to the mueller page here  Mueller 44547 Ankle Stabilzer - OSFM, Black

Amazon also have a fulfillment service if you want it the next day but it came up at £26 so i decided to save a few £££s.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

How long does it take to recover from a sprained ankle?

Three weeks ago whilst at work I misjudged a slightly raised pavement and bent my right ankle so far over I seriously thought it was going to snap.
My ankle bent forwards and to the right and as I fell I managed to throw the bags and foot stools I was hold to assist with my crash landing onto the road but I knew immediately I had seriously damaged my foot and within a few minutes I could fell my foot and ankle swelling within my trainers.

Apart from feeling a fool and wanting to be sick I stood up and to my amazement I could take the weight of my body. I done a quick check list to diagnose myself!.

1- I can take my body weight!
2- I didn't hear or feel a snap so no fracture or break.
3- My foot or ankle didn't appear to go black immediately.

I hobbled off to my next job with the sensation of a swelling bruised foot and my ego a little embarrassed . And diagnosed that I had severely sprained my right ankle as it was swollen and I had pain and most like due to the ankle flexing so far over I had stretched my ligaments.

Week 1

After removing my trainer that evening I decided it was best to wait until I got home before removing my shoe in case I couldn't get it back on!  here is what I done to help with the pain and swelling.

  • I took pain killers anti-inflammatory to help with the inflammation and swelling.
  • I raised my foot and leg up all evening to assist with the pain and swelling in my right foot.
  • Apply nelsons arnica cream 50g (arnica Montana tincture) this is a topical herbal cream which traditionally used to symptomatic treatment of bruises.  Arnica is excellent for all bruises from knock and sprains it encourages the bruising to come out fast. It works within a few hours and the cream stops it being so painful and also prevents some of the nasty colours bruises cause..
    I would recommend the 50g tube and apply daily and it normally costs around £5 so its a great piece of kit for your first aid box.  Buy from Amazon for Free UK Delivery.
  • The next day I wore a ankle support , I have played hockey in the past and had a elastic ankle support which although gave some support it was too soon as by the end of the day a swelling the size of a plum had appeared above the ankle . So I applied more arnica cream and also some biofreeze sports gel which also aids in reducing pain and swelling from injuries.
You can apply biofreeze gel twice a day gently massaging into the injury and allow to dry its pretty quick, and wash your hands you will soon feel the tingling of the menthol in the gel and it will sting if it gets into open wounds and be careful of your eyes.  I use biofreeze a lot when my muscles ache after the gym or a swim and get immediately relieve. There are non branded alternatives including sprays but I prefer the gel as it can be applied directly into the area needed and the skin absorbs the gel well.

Week 2

  • My brusing had pretty much come out and there was a little around the heel bone and ankle but apart from that my foot was a lot less swollen and mostly it was noticeable around the ankle which was swollen and warm to touch.  Each morning after resting my foot it looked pretty good but by the end of the day it was aching and uncomfortable I found the best shoes to wear where my adidas high tops as they protected the ankle well and allowed for the swelling. I could walk and drive ok in them where my normal trainers were cutting into my ankle.

  • I was resting the foot every evening I couldn't stop working so I continued to biofreeze the foot every morning and eve I continued to take pain killers and on day 12 I decided due to the tenderness still and pain I needed something sturdy on the ankle to prevent movement in the talus area so I purchased a Mueller Ankle Support - M, Black amazon it cost £25.02 and was delivered within 3 days.
It came with Mueller 44547 Ankle Stabilzer - OSFM, Black great reviews and to be honest I have recommended patients to use Mueller products so I purchased with confidence.
It is recommend for severe sprains , and ligament damage which I had. It keeps the ankle stiff but allows slight movement for active people who play sports. But perfect for a weak ankle.  It takes a few minutes to put on but worth the bending over and lacing up . Fits into trainers and boots no problem. 

Week 3

It definitely supports my ankle and heel allowing me to stop worrying about turning my ankle over and causing more stress and damage to my already weak ankle joint.  I was beginning to walk awkwardly and was beging to get discomfort in my hips so the brace will realign me and stop me over compensating.

So it looks like its going to take some time for this ankle and its ligaments to heel so im bracing it up for work and preparing for a 6-8 week recovery , I have also introduced ankle stretches into my daily routine these are helping the stiffness in the muscles in my foot and calf of leg. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Painful feet natural home remedy White turnip water

I came across what I can only call a magic remedy for painful feet yesterday, I am a big believer in old fashioned treatments and natural remedies like using marigold oil and tea tree a wart cures.

A new patient was refered to me with very sensitive feet and she had chilblains and severe cold feet which after medical intervention was not of any concern.

But she still suffered terribly with painful feet and her chilblains did not help with the situation.

After much discussion I recommended her to try boiling a white turnip and using the cooled water and to soak her feet in the turnip water, and then mash the turnip and use the softened turnip pulp to rub into her feet.  

After soaking her feet twice she noticed a major improvement to her swollen feet but most noticeable was the sensitivity and pain had decreased at least 70%.

She has continued this over the last 4 days and has really noticed a huge difference the chilblains are disappearing too , so next winter I advised her to be prepared as due to her natural cold foot syndrome chilblains and sores would reoccur so she should start applying a warming cream like Laufwunder red or gehwol rich red cream as a daily preventive and soak her feet in a white turnip water if she noticed inflammation and pain returning.

Can a white turnip cure foot pain, well yes it can.

Zara , Mankyfeet

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Wart and verruca remedies for children

Best wart and verruca remedies for kids 

If your child has a ard callous underneath their foot then there's a very high chance they ave picked up a wart or verruca.  These hard lumps or blister looking  like growths are a real pain and children under 10 years attract them like crazy.

Reasons why children get warts and to avoid getting them in the first place

Barefoot PE /school exercise ,why do schools always do PE barefoot now this is probably a safety reason but a room full of kids running around you do the maths if just two children have warts soon the virus will be spread to other feet.

Swimming pools. Always a big problem adults and children barefoot walking across wet hard  floors, changing room floors which are perfect breeding places.
I always advise my families to wear flip flops at all times walking from the pool and whist changing clothes.  

Verruca and wart socks can be a perfect deterrent too and come in children and adult sizes, personally I would rather wear a pair and protect my feet . Prices start from £3.40 by Aquaguard and their socks fit adults and children

Never go into communal pools or area when athletes foot  or abrasions are present.

Rubbing feet !  Yep we all do it when relaxing or in bed we rub our feet together in contentment 

Sharing towels , don't!

Picking ! A pet ate of mine but children are prone to. Touch their feet when they have warts 
Always make sure they wash their ands as te virus will be spread with contact.

Verruca and wart treatments for children reviews

Here are the best selection of wart creams and freezing home remedies I find that actually work well on children and are safe and painless.

1} Wartner Freezing Pen

Product Description

Current acid treatments require a prolonged treatment period and are often difficult to apply in a convenient and targeted way. The Wartner verruca and wart removal pen - offering visible results within the first week - is based on the acid/liquid method. It effectively eliminates warts and verrucas in a short time period, whilst providing users with an easy to use applicator. The TCA gel used in Wartner verruca and wart removal pen offers a treatment proposition compared to conventional salicylic acid based liquids and gels: 1. Visible results within the first week, 2. Suitable for children, 3. Pen applicator, 4. Gel form, 5. No effect on blood coagulation.


Wartner is suitable for the removal of warts and verrucas. Common warts are usually found on the hands, knees and elbows and are recognised by the rough 'cauliflower-like' appearance of the surface. Verrucas are very similar but only appear on the sole of the foot. They tend to be much flatter in appearance, and are sometimes covered by callous skin.


Tichloroacetic Acid


Easy to use 4 step application. 1.Hold the pen vertically with the brush tip facing downwards. Slowly turn/click the dial on the top of the Pen clockwise to dispense the gel. 2.Allow the gel to flow into the brush tip for 3 to 5 seconds. 3.Carefully apply the dispensed gel only on the wart or verruca (avoid touching healthy skin surrounding it). If accidently applied on surrounding skin, please wash off immediately. 4.Let the gel dry for 10-15 minutes before putting on clothes or shoes.

Safety Warning

External use only. Do not use on any other areas than hands and feet. Carefully read the instructions for use. Do not use on open wounds or healthy skin. Do not use on children under the age of 4 years. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. The TCA gel inside the pen is highly concentrated so careful application is needed. Avoid touching the healthy skin around the wart or verruca. If the gel makes contact with healthy skin, clean the area with lots of water and soap. To be used on hands and feet only.

Box Contains

Verruca & Wart Removal Pen




Summing Up

I would recommend using the Wartner pen first before trying podiatry cryosurgery or acid based treatments if your child is very young or nervous, all wart products have a little pain except natural remedies so the wartner pen i give a 4 out 10 for pain management.

Compare prices here but i recommend Amazon presently as they are offering FREE POSTAGE and this save £3.20 straight away read more reviews and check prices over at amazon.